6 steps for ideal loft conversion london6 Steps to start a Loft Conversion

Step 1: Do a general analysis

Take a look at our previous works and read our customers’ reviews. This step will permit you to understand what a loft conversion is, to enrich your vision about it, and will determine you to start or not some business with us.


Step 2: Get in touch With Us - Loft Conversion Services London

If you think we are a loft conversion company that suits you, call us for an informal discussion or email us directly for immediate reply.


Step 3: Visit at your property

Set up a meeting with our supervisor at home in order to get a detailed consultation. Our specialist will examine your loft and will advise you on the best type of loft conversion that fits the house and make the most of the space available.


Step 4: Express needs & desires for your Loft Covnersion

Talk to our expert about how you want to use the existing loft space. Our mission is to create the perfect loft rooms for your family, thus we need to know what your expectations are.


Step 5: Discuss all details about the future loft conversion project

Ask as many questions as you can about architectural, engineering, design services. It is your property, so you are within your rights to get information about services we offer, the deadlines we propose, guarantee you get, even about craftsmen team that will come and will work within your house.


Step 6: Get free price estimation for loft conversion

Complete a quote given by one of our specialists and get a free price estimation. This step will give you certainly you know exactly what the costs will be.


Step 7: Talk to the responsible person of the loft conversion contractors

Get acquainted to the responsible person of the project. This is the person that will monitor your loft conversion process, will guarantee an efficient and friendly service made in accordance with your requirements and to the standard that you expect, will keep you updated at all times so that you know that your work is on schedule.